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Kadhal Kadhai (A)

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17 Jul 2009


Kadhal Kadhai movie reveal the status of women in the country today....
  • venbas 5 years ago

    But for few softcore scenes, this is a would-be classic. Velu's view points are spot on. The caste malaise of our society that puts racism to shame, our reward-based idol worship, a society devoid of humanity and tolerance, that mostly treats women as objects of lust/sex. Sad that our sensor had their will other If Velu had his way, this might have become a bare-all show. One day when this country and countrymen have matured enough Velu would be lauded as a genius who cast the first stone into the seemingly almight ocean of the morass in India.

  • elay 5 years ago

    hey hw to watch this movie in this site.is there any site to watch it of free...

  • natesan-eshwaran 6 years ago

    this is a good film.It potrays society in depth.if shyam bnegal typos would have made his film it would be debated bout how socity is canging.sex is a very fact of life and so is the exploitation around it.cheers venu u r our own revolutionary dramatist and we respect u.

  • karthik66online 6 years ago

    This is a very realistic movie based on the facts of this society, people will try to degrade this movie claiming its obscenity but one can't deny the facts hidden in this society which is screened beautifully in this movie. "Well done Velu"

  • harys 6 years ago

    i watch the film its nice wat i think abort love this movie shows me thnx 2 Velu Prabakaran u dane a good job

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