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Kakka Muttai (U)

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05 Jun 2015


Kakka Muttai (KaaKa Muttai)  directed by Manikandan, who will also be the cinematographer under  Dhanush ’s production house Wunderbar, after ...
  • Veerasamy Kasinathan 4weeks ago

    This movie is very simple one, but it will bring the audience into the movie with in 15 minutes from start and mingle until the end. This is the first time a simple movie give complete satisfaction to the audience, there are many no in this movie like no big actor or director, no romantic song, no fight, no sex scene no double meaning funny dialogue. But the movie liked most of the audience those viewed it. Creator can present their unique script in picture audience will surely will support it. this is result of the movie success We can salute the Director Manikandan he is from Usilampatti

  • mano-nazareth 2 years ago

    Dhanush Da Veera Evanda

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