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Madurai Sambhavam (A)

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04 Sep 2009


Madurai Sambavam starring by Hari Kumar, Karithika and Anuya Bhagvath. It is deals with the real story happened in Madurai....
  • suresh 6 years ago

    Madhurai sambhavam such a nice and great movie low budget and highly valued movie I have seen this movie thrice in AVM Rajeswari chennai at that time Hero Hari Kumar acted very well courage and guts of the hero charactorisation is an excellent Police Officer Anuya charactor in this movie is also great charactorisation and she is exactly suiatable to the charactor she acted well Karthika is also a good charactor simply superb she has done her work well Hero Fathers charator is highlate of the movie Father has saved sons life but son unable to save fathers alive in this movie good songs nice and appropriate dancing for the songs commedy superb............... favorate dialouge of the movie [Anuya asks umpar enna "kuttiya....endha kutti naai kuttiya panni kuttiya " hero replies empar kutti.......simgakutti] direction and producing the movies really great this is the apprciation time to every one in the movie and behind the movie...

  • kamal 7 years ago

    thats great about anuya good thought

  • samson 7 years ago

    anuya ur really great, when i comming out of the theater i got more feelings like i want to love a girl like you.......... this is great experiance for me THER IS SOMTHING SPECIAL WITH YOU

  • gobinath 7 years ago

    already people want you to be in their films. you are getting a bright future and hope you will act in more films.

  • mariappan 7 years ago

    i think this will be next best one fo r my friend Anuya

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