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27 Jul 2012


Pollangu is tamil movie, it is Thiller based movie.Mitta Mirrasu fame actor  Ravi Rahul is male lead role and Female lead role of new face Nisha ...
  • gayathri 3 years ago

    even though the movie was not worth to watch along with the family, i liked the movie bcz of the villain vetriselvan.

  • ramesh 3 years ago

    This one of the gayest movie on the plannet. wtf

  • arunkumar-v-nanbenda 3 years ago

    why da we cant watch this movie with family and ladies, WHT ITS A FILM

  • karthik 3 years ago

    when u watched it??cant watchit with family n ladies,,right?

  • siva 3 years ago

    worst movie i saw in ages not worth ur time and money got caught by mistake, pls avoid to save u some headache

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