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01 Dec 2011


Poraali movie is all about a rebel who challenges society and the problems he faces as a result of his defiant attitude. Sasikumar plays the lead role in the ...
  • x 4 years ago

    he will act in watevr language he want...mudittu poda.

  • tami 4 years ago

    Naresh shud act only in telugu...not tamil

  • vaasi 4 years ago

    in porali swati also had to take arivaal and made it more funnn

  • praveen-hariharan 4 years ago

    Movie was very nice watch and i liked the story very much!! Good Job team !!!

  • narayang 4 years ago

    poraali is a nice movie, worth a watch, but it is too much to watch samudrakani and sasi to watch extolling their " so called friendship" much, they are talking too much in all the channels. If they reduce the talk, it will be good for their film and them too

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