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Raavanan (U)



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18 Jun 2010
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By : Praveen

On : 2010-06-29 12:38:26

Raavanan as expected did not meet viewers expectations because expectation from the master craftsman of Indian cinema is always at a big level. But this movie is 80% a cameraman's movie and 20% a directors movie. This is going to be the reason behind the failure of this movie. Maniratnam script...
By : Jayanthi

On : 2010-06-18 11:31:31

Story: The movie begins with Veera (Vikram), a dreaded don and his men fighting cops and taking away Ragini (Aishjwarya Rai). Ragini's hubby Dev (Prithviraj) is Superintendent of Police in Thirunelveli district who is already behind Veera who has over 60 cases pending against him. But he is ala...
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