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Sattapadi Kutram

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25 Mar 2011


Sattappadi Kuttram is a revolutionary theme based subject which comes with a message to the society in which Seeman is playing the role of an advocate who ...
  • movie 4 years ago

    It's a sheer waste of time. What's the movie is all about?! whuf! Just because its a movie can the director depict whatever he would like to? What's his intention? Is he still in late 80's and early 90's that he would expect us to give a big applause for all those stupid 'punch dialogues'. Oh my god! Seriously how could he take such a stupid movie? Which genre does this movie come under? can it be a serious movie (socially conscious) or a full time entertainer? Whuf! How can one still support blooming of these 'Makkal Iyyakam' however they give a justifying reason. Come on yaar! Take the first three sub plots, are these three 'youngsters' got cheated or have they offered themselves to be cheated? Y should a MBA GRADUATE go it a 'saint' instead of attending interview? Y should a supposedly influential person in the village ( a graduate) blindly trust a man and then because of sheer anger he will kill the politician. Top of all these here comes the leader who will kidnap a drug addict supposedly 'cure' him n shall advise him to move on from the broken love for a better new life n the lad who accepts gladly would be surprised (at least the audience) to see a gun for his birthday gift! Wow what a better life yaar. I have three questions to ask the director 1. Just because if some misfortune happen in my life, should i take the gun in my hand in order to 'change the society overnight'?If some misfortune happens i shouldn't live the rest of my life for myself i should turn into a sacrificing figure? n should i wait for the misfortune to happen in my life to become socially aware n take up the responsibilities? 2. If my life is going cool i needn't bother or take up the responsibility right? 3. Is this the only way to bring the magic? n is it practical? see i know its not the real life but a narrative is a re-presentation of the life? Why cant u take some sensible movies? How long the youngsters r going to be prey for all this bullshit dialogue. cinema i

  • mesia-a 5 years ago

    Waiting For It..

  • kkb 5 years ago

    Get out

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