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Unnaipol Oruvan (U/A)

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18 Sep 2009


Unnaipol Oruvan Starring by Kamal Haasan and Mohanlal. The Police Commissioner, mohanlal, gets an anonymous call. The caller demands that he release militants ...
  • indian 2 years ago

    lalum samalata'yum orumichu orupaadu padngl cheythu, gossips sadharnm, chumma vallavanum padachu vitta kadhal adichirakkunnath apamanakarm......

  • man 2 years ago

    2 perum enthum aakatae saadharana lyf'l... dey both r heroes for Us Indians...... both awardd many tymz, done many movies n shown deir talents..... oruthnte persnl lyf, athi enthum aakatae, nallathum kettathum kanum also gossips, its a pity v pple simply talking lyk dis..... poi velaye ppaarrrungoo.........

  • reena 3 years ago

    hello,,he Mohan lal is not a gentle man with one kids and one wife. Haven't u heard about Mohanlal taking his heroines to his rest house because he has a nasty wife? So many women including ''sumalatha'' was his favourite. Mohan lal is a wimp who has no guts to show in public.He had/has a lot of sex matters. I am a mallu and know how he behaved when he came to the shooting of unnai pol oruvan. He had sex with his make-up boy,,,the boy can tell u about his sexual organs. I have seen it in video,,,so bad this mohan lal is . His organ is not as big as his body.Shame,,,and thats why his wife doesnt like him,,,,,,,,

  • shilpa 4 years ago

    Mohanlal and kamalhassen are great actors,mohanlal is more flexible and sweet

  • kumar-bose 5 years ago

    i am a biggest fan of tamil like kamal!!!

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