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Vallinam (U)

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28 Feb 2014


Vallinam tamil movie is the story about a basket player, the movie deals with the travails in the life of a sports person. Boys Nakul plays the male lead ...
  • elakiya a year ago

    congratulation to u anna 4 our vallinam running sucessfully ....today 25th day i am so...happy and all the best for it to reach 100th day and advance congratulations 4 that. ur acting in vallinam rokzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u again proved that u r the excellent actor u made me to love basket balllll .......now we realized the pain and longing of basket ball players and all sports players other than cricket... movie having a superb msg...

  • IBO a year ago

    The choreographers of the movie are none other than Dance Master Shobi & Lalitha (a) Anvita.... check that out........

  • bhoobalan 2 years ago

    i m waiting

  • elakiya 2 years ago

    waiting 4 this movie...................

  • ismailjaveed 2 years ago


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