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Vizha (U)

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27 Dec 2013
Vizha is an tamil romantic - drama movie direction by Barathi Balakumaran. The movie has Master Mahendran and Malavika Menon. 


Vizha is not ordinary run-of-the-mill romantic story. The film has a simple yet offbeat story on a taut screenplay. There is love everywhere, and this story pans closer into the lives of simpletons from a small town, who make a living on deaths. Last rites are one of the many in the list of costliest affairs in our country, and the procedure in some cultures include a set of professional mourners and a band of drummer-cum-dancers.

The former here is the heroine Rakkamma and the latter the hero Sundaram, who meet at a death. What blooms in an event filled with sorrow is melting love for one another. Sundaram develops instant liking to her and awaits a chance to meet her once more, which unfortunately has to be a death. 

Sundaram and his friends, who are Thappattam players by profession look out for every chance to meet Rakkamma, when the rest of the story unfolds as complications.
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