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Vizhiyil Vizhundhaval

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23 Jul 2010


Vizhiyil Vizhundhaval film is based on the romance between the young generations of contemporary society....
  • me 5 years ago

    You did not give salary to employees.. so that God has punished you... If the employee wants to leave from your company he has to lose minimum 40 days salary.. and you will not give relieving letter also... If you are not able to run the company then why the hell you have it.. The company has good fame but not because of you... Give the company to someone they will run better than you.. Please go out of IT field and Cine field.. Good flap... I never get happiness out of others sad.. But YOU MADE ME... Thank god I am not in your company... Atleast from now onwards change your attitude.. Give salary properly... May God bless you...

  • thired-attack 6 years ago

    Valzha Valzha Chinna MGR Next Super Stat... Next Prime Minster...

  • mia-mia 6 years ago

    First of all I appreciate the effort to make the film.... You would be ready to take the consequences whether the film may be flap or success!! It is best to concentrate on the IT other than Films industry.. It would be nice if you could spend your money where you got... instead of films....lols....got it...

  • industry 6 years ago

    is it going to rock corporation industry.

  • first-attack 6 years ago

    Hi Chinna MGR Valzha!. Banner is superu, Next MGR, Dont worry Chinna MGR we will rock soon One of my best friend commented you as a TAMIL TOM CRUSE.

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