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Kadal's 'Elay keechaan' lyrics translation

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Kadal's 'Elay keechaan' lyrics translation
Nandini Karky translated the lyrics 'Elay keechaan' from the movie Kadal and posted on her blog. Find the translation below:

[hey girlie sheela,
mother sea, she gives us plenty
aye dearie sheela
she laughs, throwing waves many.]

[hey mate,
the tigerfish is done through,
and joseph's girl here too
jesus has rained boons, true.]

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
vaa le kondaa le!
kattumarang konda le!
gundu meena alli vara kondaa le!
[oh oh..come on mate, bring it on,
a catamaran, you bring it on
to gather fatty fishes, bring it on!]

(elay keechan)

yela..paai viricha..aiyo
vaaval vaasan thedi
vaaraan keechan - ong keechan
raavooda kuvai kittai kanna keppan
raaloda raaloda meesa onna keppan keechan
pulivesam pottu
[hey girl, as i rig the sails - oh my fate
with a whiff of pomfet bait
here comes the tigerfish,
your tigerfish!
at night, eyes from an owl, he'll ask,
and also a prwan's mustache, he'll ask.
then , he'll come in a tiger's mask.]

(elay keechan)

(oh oh..vaa le kondaa le!)

hey sada sada sadavena kaathula aadum
en saaram aela un pera paadaathaa
oru oru oru oru oru oo..
oruthatram orutharam orasa
posukkunu usupura usura
in the wind,
shuddering, shuddering
my sarong, darling, won't it sing your name?
once..only once you brushed past
and with that, my life you balast]

unakaaga valaiyonu valaiyonu
virichirukkaen na thavamirukken - nee vizhuvenu
velakkena uthikkitu muzhichirukken
na arakkirukaen
nee vena sonna
enga enga povano thoma?
[just for you, a net i cast,
i sit in penance and fast.
hoping you'll fall, burning midnight oil,
keeping awake, i toil,
i'm bit of a lunatic.
if you say no,
where will ths thomas go?]

otha alaiyila mithakura
odampol un nenapula
na methanthu kedakkuren
ora paravaiyaala sirucha enna?
[on a single wave, like a raft,
in your memory, i waft.
from the corner of your enye,
why not, a smile for this guy?]

(elay keechan)
(vaa le kondaa le)
(elay keechan)
hey hey hey hey
(vaa le kondaa le)

nee thidu thidukka - enna
suthivalaikka - naan
vela velakka - thala
kiru kirukka
[making me quiver and shiver,
me, you surround around
i become ghastly gray
and my head reels teeter-totter.]

nee paatha nodiye - hey
pithu pidikka - en
thoothukudi ye
unna thooki ezhukka! thooki ezhukka!
[instant, i saw you,
i became insane
all of my tuticorin
now, pulls you in.]

ethana macham - hey
ethana latcham - atha
enni mudiche - naama
thookam tholachom
[fish, so many,
lakhs, how many,
just counting,
our sleep, we lost.]

hey otha pidiya - nee
mutham kudutha - en
anna madiya - enna
vaari edutha vaari edutha
[just in one catch,
all, you bestowed.
as a mother's lap,
me, you gathered.]

(yemaa seela)
(elay keechan)

[oh..oh..come on mate, bring it on,
to shout and barter, bring it on,
passing clouds will sprinkle fish, bring it on!]

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