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Dhanush immersed himself into Mariyaan character: Bharat Bala

Bharat Bala, who is directing Dhanush in Mariyaan, has good words about the 'Kolaveri di' hitmaker. The young director has opened up about the actor's preparation and dedication for his role in the forthcoming Tamil film.

"A few days into the shoot and I was referring to Dhanush as Mariyaan because he had immersed himself into the character by then. Since we shot the film in reverse, it was emotionally and physically draining for him to arrive at the transformation, but he did it," Bharat Bala said.

Talking further about Dhanush's professionalism, the director said, "He took classes for ocean diving. He was required to dive in one breath and go up to 40 to 50 feet underwater. He would jump with the diving suit, go deep, settle down and get rid of the suit. Once he was ready, we would the shoot the scene."

Queried why he chose Dhanush, Bharat Bala said, "I cast him after I watched his performance in Aadukalam, which literally moved me. I believe he agreed to work because of the vast landscape this film offers for him to perform as an actor."

In Tamil, the film refers to a man who never dies, but Bharat Bala's Mariyaan is someone who is adventurous and courageous. "The film is like a fisherman who would not throw a net to catch fish, but instead dives deep into the ocean and picks what he wants. He goes out of his way to get what he wants and that's what makes him adventurous and courageous," he said.

"I was determined to make the film (Mariyaan) in Tamil from the start for two simple reasons. Firstly, I believe Tamil audiences are more open to fresh stories despite their weakness for commercial films. Secondly, since my film is based on a true story, I didn't want to tamper with the setting," Bharat Bala told IANS in an interview.

Elucidating with an example, he said, "One of the recent Tamil films that did exceptionally well, boasting a fresh story, was Karthi-starrer Paruthiveeran. Even though the film had its share of commercial moments, the audience lapped it up for its portrayal of a story never told before."

Bharat Bala made a name for himself by producing patriotic videos like 'Vande Mataram' and 'Jana Gana Mana'. He also directed 'Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto', the music video of the official song of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Mariyaan is his first Tamil film. His first film was the critically acclaimed Hari Om in English (2004).

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