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Gautham Menon breaks his silence, reacts to ongoing tussle with Elred

After being silent for over a couple of weeks, filmmaker Gautham Menon has finally broken his silence over the ongoing controversy with producer Elred Kumar. In a press release, the director has opened up on the issue. Here, we are bringing selected quotes from his strongly-worded statement. Find it below:

"Let me first tell you that the injunction petition filed by RS has been dismissed by the courts. The Injunction petition filed by RS has been dismissed by the courts upholding my stand in the issues raised by RS and also proving that what was being done by RS or asked by RS was not right on any grounds. My ability to work and earn for myself is my birthright and as the law says it's my constitutional right-and no one should be able to take that away from me."

"This isn't even about me running around battling these cases and media reports instead of being able to write and make movies-which is my means of putting food on the table for my family. This is about me. My character, my intent and my credibility which has been put on the stand. And though ideally there should be unions or committees in place in an industry as big as ours to support and help me fight these un-wanted battles, I find myself alone and reduced in the spotlight."

"If I truly did believe there was any merit to these accusations, I would never put myself out here appealing to the good sense of the community. I would have slunk quietly into a hole, called for a negotiation and sorted the matter out in the comfort of 4 walls protecting my privacy. But I have no such reason to worry. I know I am right and I can't go down without a fight. A fight-not about money or about doing films. But about clearing my name. Which I've begun to realize is the true target in all of this Mr Elred has supposedly told my previous partner Mr Madan Pandy that he would let him off in the case if Mr Madan Pandy turned against me." Continued on the slideshow...

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