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Santhanam's Imitation On Anti-Tobacco Ad Creates Controversy

Santhanam's imitation on anti-tobacco ad from forthcoming Tamil movie All in All Azhagu Raja has created a controversy. This has made Tamil Nadu People's Forum for Tobacco Control (TNPFTC) to come down heavily on the comedian and it has made the organisation to demand for the removal of the scene from the movie.

As we all know, every movie that is made in India has to play an anti-tobacco video where diseased named Mukesh claims that he died due to chewing of gutkha. This ad has been dubbed in every possible language to create awareness on smoking and chewing tobacco products.

In the recently-released teaser, there is a scene in which Santhanam mimics Mukesh which has not gone well with the TNPFTC and anti-tobacco campaigners. They have not only demanded to remove the scene from All in All Azhagu Raja, but also sought a ban on the trailer for making fun on the awareness video and the person in the clipping.

Cyril Alexander, the spokesperson of the TNPFTC, has claimed Santhanam has insulted the ad, which is credited as one of the widely-reached anti-tobacco promotional material and the late Mukesh, who died of cancer due to oral cancer. The video has made huge impact on people and imitation on such awareness video has to be condemned. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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