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Lakshmi Rai Open For Intimate/Steamy Scenes

Every actress in her career comes across many challenges and one of the common one is whether she could do glamarous roles and steamy scenes. While some refuse to do citing their uncomfortableness, there are few, who could shed all their inhibitions to be part of such intimate scenes. Well, South actress Lakshmi Rai too has revealed that she doesn't mind being bold.

Lakshmi Rai has said that she is open to do intimate scenes. But she has conditions to do such sequences. Her only concern is that the scene should not be forcefully included to the script. As we all know, many filmmakers add steamy scenes to attract mass audience. Especially, to draw the public attention, they come up with those spicy ideas.

The glam doll is willing to do if the script demands it. "If the role demands, I have no qualms in doing so. But if the scenes are just to add masala to the film or to attract the audience, then I won't do it," the Times of India quotes the actress as saying. Lakshmi Rai adds that acting is her passion and she wants to do justice to her roles. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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