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Mangalyaan in Mars Orbit: South Celebs Congratulate ISRO Scientists

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It is a historic moment for India as our Mars orbiter, Mangalyaan has entered the Red Planet's orbit. The whole nation is celebrating the occasion for which the credit goes to the ISRO scientist.

The notable factor here is that the Mangalyaan cost just Rs.450 crores, which is cheaper than a Hollywood movie. The US, the European Space Agency and Russia are the other nations in the elite club of Martian explorers.

Their expenditures were far higher than our budget and they did not taste success in their maiden efforts, which makes our achievement special. In filmi terms, the Mangalyaan is a low-budget film that has struck gold at Box Office! Celebrating the occasion, our cine celebs have shared their excitement on Twitter. Find that they are saying on the slideshow...

Taapsee Pannu

Three cheers for ISRO! Let's hope this 'Mangalyan' eventually shows us where these men actually belong to 😜


#ISRO.. take a bow.. You deserve every inch of respect.. Thank you for making me a proud Indian..
#Mangalyaan enters the orbit n gives yet another reason for every INDIA to feel the pride n celebrate this moment..#Salute2allBehindIt

PC Sreeram

I salute ISRO scientists for making every Indian walk taller today. With so much negativity around us -this one giant step gives us hope.


Congratulations ISRO... Big day for india MangalYAAN

Harris Jayaraj

Congratulations to all the scientists in ISRO for the successful mission of MangalYAAN . I am glad to share my happiness as an Indian.

Lee Whittaker

congrats!!!! India is the first country to have a successful Mars mission in the very first attempt. #Mangalyaan pic.twitter.com/oJtQlbdCiC"

Kriti Kharbanda

Proud to be an #INDIAN ! :) #India #MissionMars #Mangalyaan #ISRO #headheldhigh

Radikaa Sarathkumar

Proud day for Indians as Mangalyaan enters Mars orbit.👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏to all who made it possible.

Mohan Raman

To all our Scientists, Engineers and ISRO staff - Past and Present - We salute you all. Esp to you Dr. Abdul Kalaam - you paved the way.

SS Rajamouli

India has spent $74 mil to reach Mars. Less than the budget of the film "Gravity," $100 million. #respect #ISRO #Mangalyaan

Richa Gangopadhyay

Congrats ISRO-a proud day for India!! the first country to enter Mars' orbit on maiden mission! #Mangalyaan #JaiHind

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