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Simbu-Hansika Motwani Romance, Break Up Story, A Publicity Stunt?

We are in the age were people consider any publicity is good publicity. The more they are in the news, the more popular they become. There are many examples of it. The latest instance that might belong to this category is Simbu- Hansika Motwani's love and break up story! Yes, people in the industry are speculating that the episode was just a publicity stunt.

One would easily come to this conclusion if they closely observe Simbu and Hansika Motwani's love story. The actors, one fine day, suddenly announced that they were in love. Last year (2013), the actors proudly announced on Twitter that they were seeing. Their revelations surprised everybody in the industry as celebrities often refuse to open up on their affairs.

Simbu and Hansika Motwani said that they were seeing from quite some time and requested media not to interfere in their relationship. In the following months, every now and then, their personal photos used to get leaked in online media and nobody claimed the responsibility for it. Even media did not try to investigate from where the leaks were happening simply because it only concentrated on what it had in hands. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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