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'Ulaganayagan' Special: Why I Dare To Say Kamal Haasan Is Beyond Greatness!

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For a boy who began to take note of movies and delved into cinema because of Kamal Haasan, it is not difficult to believe that he is the most efficient cinema artist in the entire world. For some, this may sound outrageous but considering what this 61-year-old has done over the years in the field of cinema, the above statement is not an exaggeration, certainly not for the one who's been following Kollywood for the last 50 years.

To begin with, I was astonished by seeing his acting skills at a very young age which paved the way for more of Kamal Haasan. The more I was exposed to him, the more I realized his geniusness. After all, how many actors of Kamal's calibre; has perfected various dance forms, mastered the art of singing, directed some mind-boggling movies, proved him/herself as one of the best screenplay/dialogue/story writer and produced many number of flicks?

By the time I realized that this man could do all this and so much more with high precision, he had scaled greater heights, thanks to his passion towards this field of entertainment. I doubt Kamal Haasan thinks about anything but cinema, an undeniable truth, which unfortunately has the backing of his own ignored personal life.

Moving on, Kamal never failed to impress me at any given point of my life, for he never stopped upgrading himself. From making use of the recently evolved technology to keeping himself updated in the fast moving world of cinema, he constantly made sure his audience received the best of filmmaking over the years.

Considering all this, it is definitely not fair to categorize Kamal Haasan into the long list of great actors this world has produced. I dare to say he is much beyond greatness and it's time we acknowledge it.

Check out the slides below for some of his best works so far:

16 Vayathinile

Playing the role of an ugly looking crippled, Kamal Haasan did the unimaginable in this film. Who said film industry is all about glamour and glitz on-screen? Kamal Haasan had different plans very early in his career.

Apoorva Sagodharargal

No points for guessing which character would linger on in our heads forever out of the two characters showcased by Kamal Haasan in this film. Apoorva Sagodharargal is not only a mind-boggling movie but also a technical marvel at the time of its release in 1989 and today in 2015.


Portraying an old man, a young freedom fighter and a young corrupt official, the Papanasam actor surely made it difficult for me to pick just one memorable character from this movie. But at the end of the day, it is only fair to give most of the credits to the old man.


Velu Nayagan is arguably the most powerful character ever portrayed by any actor in Tamil cinema. The image of Kamal Haasan's face from this movie would stay in our heads for a very long time after watching this film. The phenomenon repeats each and every time this movie is watched.

Avvai Shanmughi

Let alone the fact that the exalted actor has played a woman in this film, what about his nuances while expressing some of the emotions that only a man wearing a female's mask can express? Words do fail me while writing about Kamal Haasan's acting abilities.

Salangai Oli (Sagara Sangamam)

Be it the honest dancer for whom dance is everything or the old man who fails to compromise, Kamal Haasan's characterization in this movie will leave you speechless. I wouldn't be surprised if this flick makes even the strongest of hearts, weep like a girl.


Playing a person with altered perception is not an easy task and yet the Ulaganayagan did that with ease in Guna. His mannerisms and the way he utters his dialogues in this movie will be remembered forever.

Anbe Sivam

If his looks which includes the multiple scars on his face is not enough to make this particular character evergreen, just think about the way he is forced to adjust his vein which connects his mouth and his neck.


The antagonist Kamal Haasan, who suffers the hallucinogenic effects of drugs in one particular scene is enough to make his character from this particular movie evergreen. Aalavandhan is a film that was way ahead of its time when it was released in 2001.

Hey Ram

A Brahmin who sacrifices everything to avenge Mahatma Gandhi's controversial yet crucial decision at the time of the Indian independence will surely stay on in our head until we breathe our last.


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