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The Team Of Suriya's '24' Might Have Just Produced The Best Time Travel Movie Ever Made!

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No, we are not calling Suriya's sci-fi thriller 24 'the best time travel movie ever made' because it has the highest ranking among all other time traveling movies on IMDb (8.9/10).

We are not even calling this the best of the lot because it has managed to garner highly positive reviews from almost all critics.

Suriya In 24

The reason why we say 24 might be the best time travel movie ever made is because of the intelligence used while making this movie, using time travel as its core.

In an average movie, that explains time traveling, you usually get to see the concept as a part of the film. In 24 though, it is the concept that drives the film (there is a clear difference here).

While handling a subject as complicated as this, it is easy for any film-maker to confuse his/her audiences with lots of scientific data and chaotic concepts such as quantum physics. Vikram Kumar on the other hand has simplified the notion without compromising on the science behind it.

How he perspicaciously join the dots from beginning until the very end is a different challenge altogether. Not to mention about his interesting twists and turns.

When was the last time you saw a movie having so many twists and turns with time travel as its core? 24 not only succeeds in keeping you hooked with all the cinematic twists it houses, but it also makes sure those twists happen because of the movie's theme, which is time travel.

Sample this; Samantha's character finds out who the villain is. Just when you think she will reveal it to Mani (played by Suriya), something unexpected happens and it happens without deviating from the film's basic idea.

Kudos to the director for sticking to the film's theme throughout. Everything 24 has to offer, has to do with the intriguing concept called time traveling. And that makes this movie special, perhaps the best among other time traveling films we have seen over the years.

Are there better time traveling films than 24? Feel free to share it on the comment box.

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