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Vishwaroopam Fans Review

Vishwaroopam, which released in Tamil Nadu on February 7 after being banned in the state after several Muslim groups objected over its content, opened up to positive reviews from critics and fans.

Despite facing a lot of hurdles, the film has won the hearts of audience. For the review posted on our website, our readers have shared their opinion about the mega-budget film. Now, we are bringing you a couple of selected comments, which are written by his fans.

Abhinav Srivastava
Kamal Hassan's Vishwaroopam is an anti-terrorism movie not an anti-Muslim film. Both the things are different, so please understand this basic thng nd watch it. Dnt compare it vth any religion, we all are Indians. We Indian and the movie are against terrorism and it doesn't matter which religion the terrorist belong to.

It is very unfortunate that the movie was banned for some stupid reasons. I really felt bad being a Tamilian. I cannot understand the role of Censor Board. Once the board approves and it is the duty of the state government to protect the movie from the protesters. A group of people (may be around 100+) feel that the movie script is against the Islam. But how could they stop the majority of the people from seeing this movie. The film does not support the terrorism but the so called group is...

Excellent movie and Kamal proved that he is a legend. It is a must watch movie.With dirty politics it is Tamil ppl who suffered once again and are deprived of an opportunity to watch a movie. I wouldn't however agree to watch this movie with kids. We saw this movie in UK - first day and are truly mind-blowing. There is nothing to harm Muslim community in the movie

Director Kamal has overthrown actor Kamal. He has made everyone & everything in the movie to the max perfection. As many said , the music is not par with the international standards, Kamal would have used some one from the Hollywood.

Kamal Dasan
The movie is brilliant. I feel really blessed to have lived in the same time as Kamal. The movie has a much deeper message beyond all the expensive action sequences. We all know Kamal is a brilliant actor but his brilliance in screenplay, dialogue and direction shows in this movie. Follow the slideshow to read critics review...


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