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Ya Ya Movie Review

Comedy films in the current year have done remarkably well at the Box Office in Tamil film industry. This has paved way for many filmmakers to make films on the same genre in a quick time. Now, yet another movie has hit the screens which is billed as a rib-tickling flick.

Mirchi Shiva and Santhanam had a couple of releases in 2013 and have tasted huge success. Now, they have teamed up for Ya Ya. The Tamil flick is directed by I Rajasekaran, a former associate of M Rajesh. Like his guru, he has taken up a fun-filled script. Will he get success like his mentor in this genre? Can Ya Ya become yet another hit in comedy genre in 2013? What the film has to offer? Find it in the review...

Ramarajan (Shiva) and Rajkiran (Santhanam), who are named after the actors as their parents are big fans of the actors. But for some reasons, the characters played by the Shiva and Santhanam choose to call themselves - Dhoni and Sehwag. They are jobless, but they are not bothered about it. Roaming in the streets, drinking and teasing good-looking girls, keep them busy.

Strangely, Dhoni in search of a government job even though he is sure that he would not find one. Kanaka (Sandhya) plays the role of his uncle's daugther and police constable. Their families want them to marry, but both are not interested with this idea.


On attending an intereview, Dhoni comes across Seetha (Dhansika) and falls in love, it is a love at first sight. But his close friend Sehwag tries to break their relationship. It is because he has been told to do so by buck-toothed local councillor played by Devadarshini. What follows next is the interesting part of the Tamil flick. Continue reading the Ya Ya review on the slideshow...

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