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Arima Nambi Review

After making a successful debut in Kumki, Vikram Prabhu returned with Ivan Veramathiri. His second movie got good reviews from critics. But failed to work at Box Office. Now, the actor is ready with his latest film Arima Nambi, which is releasing with good number of screens.

Arima Nambi is an action thriller directed by Anand Shankar, a former associate of leading filmmaker AR Murugadoss. Priya Anand has paired up with Vikram Prabhu in the Tamil flick, which also features Arjunan and Yog Japee. Sivamani has composed the music and RD Rajasekhar has handled the camera. Bhuvan Srinivasan had done the editing works. Read on for the review...

The lead stars played by Vikram Prabhu had just a date with Priya Anand before the actress gets kidnapped in front of him at her house. This become the entry point to the thrilling part of Arima Nambi. This scene gives a blow to the audience's assumption on the movie being an action romantic movie. Indeed, there is no scope for love in the film.

The hero's efforts to convince the cops that the girl has been kidnapped will not help the cause any way as all the evidences go against him. How he fights the situation and what happens on his mission of catching the culprits are the interesting part of the story.

Director Anand Shankar shows the signs of being a sincere student from AR Murugadoss' school with his good pace in the screenplay. The whats-next feeling will be maintained through out Arima Nambi. His homework on modern-day gadgets used by police and underworld dons is visible.


Vikram Prabhu shows the signs of maturity in acting. He perfectly suits the role. Priya Anand is good even though she has less scope for her role. There are some surprises in the cast. Continue reading the review on the slideshow...

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