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Cuckoo Movie Review

Raja Murugan's Cuckoo had created an impression of bringing a new wave in film industry. Its visuals and music added a huge weightage to the film. And not to forget, Kamal Hassan and Surya's good words turned out to be blessings as it made people to take notice of this film made by the young team.

Cuckoo doesn't have an A-list actor to draw public attention. Hence, the team ensured to make the best use of their trailer and music to make it a point. Well, it has worked as the film has been grandly welcomed by Tamil audience something that an average actor too doesn't get these days. Now, let us see what the film has to offer. Read on for the review...

The movie is the story of two blind people, who are united by love. Tamizh (Dinesh) and Kodi (Mavalika) found love not from eyes but from ears. The girl's heartbeat increases when she hears the footsteps of the boy and brings smile on her face. They may be blinded but they can feel the love from their remaining four senses.

There is a hope in their relationship, but they are not aware of the forces, which want to separate them for their personal reasons. How they protect each other and to what extent they go to save their love form the crux of the story.


Director Raja Murugan's story is engaging, but every now and then brings sad feeling and not to undermine the intermittent humour. We should appreciate his abilities for not bringing just sympathies towards the lead characters. He never takes an advantage of audience to make them weep rather he introduces us to Vinoth, who happens to be Kodi's reader at a private institute.

He has written the story saying that they doesn't require sympathy, but they need support. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...

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