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Kochadaiiyaan Aka Kochadaiyaan Review

Written by: Prakash Upadhyaya

The day Rajinikanth's millions of fans have been waiting for is finally here. The Tamil superstar's mega-budget movie Kochadaiiyaan (also spelled as Kochadaiyaan) has arrived near your theatres in multiple languages. This time, Rajini will be seen in never-before avatars as the film is a historical fiction directed by his daughter Soundarya Ashwin.

Kochadaiiyaan has Bollywood's big names like Deepika Padukone and Jackie Shroff in the cast with Oscar Award winner AR Rahman and some of the world-class technicains working behind the screens. These names alone add huge value to the project. Soundarya Ashwin's debut film is made on motion capture technology, which was earlier used in Hollywood films like Tin Tin and Avatar. But only a part of the budget has been spent on this Tamil flick.


The Story
The story of the film is about a son (Rana)'s fight to regain the lost glory of his father (Kochadaiiyaan) both played by the superstar, who will also be seen as Sena (Third role). AR Rahman's voice tells us about the battle of two kingdoms Kalingpuram and Kottaipattanam. The film begins with a kid running away from his sibling. Why he escapes? We'll come to know it later.

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In the next phase, we meet valiant warrior Rana impressing the king of Kalingpuram. He becomes a trusted aide of the ruler and on his advise, the king declares a war against Kottaipattanam. But the king is in shock in the battlefield as he sees Rajinikanth supporting his opposition.

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Kalingpuram king is hurt by Rana's betrayal and now he seeks revenge against him. On the the side, Kottaipattanam prince Sarath Kumar is moved by Rana's work in the battlefield and appoints him as the Commander In Chief but the king played by Nassar is not happy. Why? there is a flashback to it. Situations change soon with Sarath marrying Rajini's sister and the price that he pays for it is to leave the kingdom. What happens next should be seen on-screen. Continue reading the Kochadaiiyaan review on the slideshow...

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