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Ramanujan Movie Review

Written by: IANS

The story of Ramanujan can be found in almost every Indian household. It's not the story of a genius, but one about how we treat a genius, how we want to change a genius into an ordinary man, how we expect a genius to be jack of all trades; master of none, how we want to prove that a genius is equivalent to being crazy and how we fail to celebrate a genius.

That Ramanujan is a mathematics wizard is a known fact, but did you know that he struggled to earn two square meals a day for many years in his life because he couldn't earn a suitable job. But the problem was not with a suitable job, it was with those people who failed to understand him, his unmatchable intellect and talent.

The problem started from his family. All that his father wanted from Ramanujan was a college degree, a secure job that will relieve him off the responsibilities of a breadwinner for the family.

Not surprising. Because in the country, it's often noticed that once a person turns 60, he wants to retire. Ramanujan's father was no different. He least cared about his son's outstanding talent with the numbers. In the high school, Ramanujan was denied scholarship. He was told that the management is happy with mediocre students in all subjects, instead of a genius in one. He faces similar reaction from mostly everybody around him, except a few who truly treat Ramanujan as a genius.

These aforementioned moments from the initial years of Srinivasa Ramanujan make up for an inspiring story and provided if one knew how to package them. National award-winning filmmaker Gnana Rajasekaran certainly knows the art and succeeds narrating an inspiring tale, but his work doesn't resonate deep within.


This is so because the director merely recreates several important episodes from Ramanujan's life - from his school-going days to the minutes leading up to his death at 32 - on the screen while ignoring the need to build a screenplay to keep the viewers hooked.

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