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Thegidi Movie Review

Producer CV Kumar is one man in the recent years, who has made unconventional films in Kollywood, yet successful. With minimal budget and no stars, he has managed to give hits like Attakathi, Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum, etc.

Now, CV Kumar produced yet another film is appearing before the audience. This time, he has opted to make an investigative thriller in the form of Thegidi. His latest flick stars Ashok Selvan and Jana Iyer in the lead roles. The film, which is directed by P Ramesh, the second season winner of TV show Naalaya Iyakunar, has Dinesh Krishnan's cinematography and Nivas Prasanna's music with Leo John Paul's editing.

Ashok Selvan joins a detective agency and he successfully completes four of his assignments. His next duty is to collect information about Janani Iyer. According to the rules, he is not supposed to have any relationship with his subjects. But he gets closer with Janani. However, he is in shock when he comes to know that some of the people, whose details have been collected by him, have died. He suspects it for murder and fears that Janani Iyer and other two would also meet the same fate.

At this juncture, cop Jaya Prakash catches him over the murder mysteries. As the story progresses, the police officer comes to know that Ashok Selvan is not guilty. Now, their mission is to catch the real culprits and solve the case. What is the motivation behind the murders? Who is behind all those murders? What happens to Ashok-Janani love story? Answers to all these questions will form the crux of the story.

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The film leaves an impact from the word go, the film attracts you. The first fifteen minutes should not be missed by audience and the opening credits is impressive. Continue reading the review of Thegidi on slideshow...

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