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Kumkum Bhagya: Five Reasons Why Abhi May Accept Pragya’s Proposal

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In Kumkum Bhagya, the superstar Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), who is sandwiched between two beautiful ladies - Gharwali and Baharwali, is in dilemma now. Now that Pragya (Sriti Jha) proposed Abhi, he will have to make decision in choosing any one now, either Pragya, who is his wife or Tanu, who is his girlfriend.

Pragya, who loved Abhi, could not express herself as she was unaware of her love herself. It was her sister Bulbul, who made her realise that she loves Abhi and in fact forced her to propose him. After lot of trials, Pragya handed over a love letter to Abhi, as she wasn't able to say it. Unfortunately, before he could read it, Pragya was kidnapped.

Though Abhi was realising Pragya's importance in his life, it was later he got to know about what she can do to save her husband Abhi. As she played with her life to save Abhi. Also, even before the kidnapping episode, he had started comparing her with Tanu, who was stubborn.

Also Abhi, in the jungle read the love letter, but unfortunately, the texts in the paper were erased and he couldn't understand. Later, Pragya made her mind and proposed him. She even said that she is happy that she confessed her love, and she is not worried of results now.

Now that Pragya confessed her love, both are seen ignoring facing each other. Abhi, who is confused, has all chances of accepting Pragya. Here are ‘Five' reasons...

Pragya Is Innocent And Beautiful

Many a times Abhi had noticed Pragya's innocence. He has called her cute too, when they were running away from an elderly couple in the restaurant who were behind them to propose each other. In jungle, Abhi had also praised Pragya, who looked beautiful in red sari.

Pragya Cares For Others More Than Self

Pragya always thinks of other's happiness. She knows very well about the members of Abhi's family and takes good care of them. Everyone at home praises her for this nature. On the other hand, Tanu isn't. She always thinks of her, moreover, tortures Abhi to marry her, even when he is in trouble.

Pragya Takes Care Of Abhi’s Jaan Dadi

Yes, Abhi's jaan is Dadi, who loves Pragya. When Dadi was ill, it was Pragya who took care of her. Even doctor who came to check on Dadi praised Pragya as the doc found improvements in Dadi's health condition.

Pragya Knows Abhi Better Than Any

More than anything else, Pragya knows Abhi - her husband better than any. What and when to give, when and when not to speak to him - Pragya knows it well. Though both fight with each other, Pragya loves him the most.

Pragya Saves Abhi’s Life

Pragya played with her life and saved Abhi. When the kidnapper Neel tried to shoot Abhi, she came in between and was ready to give her life and save him. When he was hurt with bullet, she took all pain to carry him to the hut nearby and remove the bullet from Abhi's chest.

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