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Birthday wish in advance for Chhavi

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

When most people look forward to their birthdays a few days before they arrive, how does it feel if unexpected birthday wishes keep pouring in when the birthday is nowhere in the horizon!

Sounds weird? Well, that's what happened with actress Chhavi Mittal the latest entry in the show Viraasat. Recently, one fine morning her phone wouldn't stop ringing with countless people calling her to send in their birthday wishes. From her personal trainer to the gym authorities and her friends from the gym, everyone either kept calling up or left SMSes wishing her a 'happpy birthday'. An utterly confused Chhavi finally asked one of the callers why they were wishing her when it wasn't even her birthday. She was surprised to learn that the gym authorities had put up a poster in the gym after mis-reading her birthday month on her enrollment form.

"I was so confused as to why people were calling and wishing me. And that's when I came to know it was actually put up in my gym. By the end of the day, I was so sick and tired of clarifying it wasn't my birthday that I just quietly said a 'Thank you' to whoever called after that and let them think it was my birthday!"

"In any case they were sending me their good wishes and its nice to know so many people actually care to wish."

Incidentally Chhavi hadn't been to the gym that day or any of the following days. "But I am looking forward to meeting them," says a smiling Chhavi.

Well, we thought of helping out her just a slight bit in this case. For all you mistaken folks and future potential callers, her birthday happens to be on September 4.

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