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'My emotions for my mother is not something someone can laugh at' : Parakh Madan

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

When Saathi Re (Star One) star Parakh Madan, planned a surprise for her mother for Mother's Day and talked about it, little did she know that it would be so hugely misinterpreted by a small section of the media. An English language daily mistook the genuine feelings for a publicity gimmick and went full on about how Parakh expressed herself to gain coverage.

Parakh who is deeply hurt by such reporting says, "The bottom-line is that love knows no bounds and there are no restrictions on love. I was only trying to express my love for my mother. I stay in Mumbai away from her (she is based in Delhi) and I wanted to make the day special for her. Moreover in today's world, people do not realize the value of love, especially for their parents and I was just trying to bring it to the fore front".

Parakh hopes that such misinterpretations won't happen in future as every person is free to emote and the only possible cause for the plans getting revealed is her celebrity status. But then, why do some people (especially those with vested interests) tend to ignore the fact that Parakh is also 'human' who has 'feelings' and needs to 'express' them?

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