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"Anurag Basu is as good in television, as he is in films": Mishal Raheja... Contd.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a boy from Mumbai and did graduation from HR College. Then I went to the United States for my further studies. I also worked in New York for sometime, but was not getting mental satisfaction.

So was acting always on the cards?
As I told you, I was working in New York, but something was not happening. I always felt that I should go back to India and fulfill my dreams. So I came back to India and followed what I always wanted to do. And here I'm acting.

Are you being able to cope up with the hectic schedules?
I have to. This is the way this industry works.

Any offers in the pipeline?
Yes, I had received many offers, but for now I want to concentrate on 'Love Story' because it is keeping me engaged and interested.

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