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Pari Hoon Main:A Cindrella Fable

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Pari Hoon Main
She was the ugly duckling; Lady Luck, her Fairy Godmother shook her magic wand and then Cindrella set onto seek her Prince Charming. Alas! the clock struck 12 and everything vanished into thin air. However Cindrella met with her good fortune. Pari Hoon Main along the same lines brought to light a new Cindrella fable. Nikki, the star-crossed girl enjoys stardom when destiny favours her and also comes across her handsome Prince Rajvir Kapoor, the superstar. As love blossoms and the lovers are united the tale comes to a full circle. Giving a twist to the whole story, Nikki's look alike Pari, a leading actress is a pivotal angle of the show with her lover Karan, the aspiring director. When all commotions and confusions are sorted out, one wonders was it not a replica of Cindrella, an Indianised version?

One of the most popular shows on Star One, Pari Hoon Main came to an end last week when the lovers were united and the oft quoted adage "and they lived happily ever after" was imaged forth on screen. The show with a casual air took off on a mild pace but always ensuring the audiences' interest . The liveliness of the characters and the simplicity of narration , the real USP of the show virtually pulled up the TRP ratings. Truly symbolizing a show within a show, the gist was about luck and love going hand in hand and covertly voicing that fortune favours one and all at one time or the other. It is the right opportunity that matters. The victory of virtue over vice was seen as Maami and Balma mend their ways falling at Nikki's feet begging for mercy. However in spite of messages seeping into the show, it never ever waned in interest because freshness and intensity was oozing in every frame.

One close look at the show and semblances between the Cindrella fairytale and the serial is evident. As Fairy Godmother is to Cindrella, Karan changes Nikki, the village belle's life for good and Raj walks into her life. On the other hand Pari, the arrogant actress as she is infamously acknowledged comes to realize the hardships of life only to mellow down and lose her heart for Karan.The clock strikes 12 metaphorically; Pari and Nikki get back to their same lives again. The swapping episodes and the problems that ensue are sorted out and the everyone escapes unscathed. There are no mysteries, no shockers for the audience, in fact all too predictable. However all is well that ends well. Without surmising the technicalities, the choice of artistes Mohit Mallik, Karan Mehra and Rashmi Desai stand out as does the story in itself. The cosy romantic settings, the intricacies and fineries are worth a mention.

Pari Hoon Main stands out without running the race for thousand episodes or springing up one generation leap after other. As a fair tale, it has remained true to its identity by winding up at the nick of time with no digressions whatsoever. As the show came to an end, one nurtures all the fond memories and there is something to laugh upon in solitude. Our cindrella came conquered our hearts and when the clock struck, she faded away, leaving behind fond memories to cherish

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