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"I am very spiritual by nature" - Vishal Singh

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Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh, the evergreen actor from the genre of comedy, is coming back with a bang in a new series called Aathwa Vachan. Sabir Rahman shares few moments with the talented actor digging further into his Aathwa Vachan.

How have you managed to retain your young look even after so many years?
Well I stay positive in life (laughs). I really believe in positively in life and that"s the medicine that keeps me looking young all the while.

Okay. But kidding apart, are you doing yoga or meditation kind of things or is it because of all your positive roles?
Nothing as such but I am very spiritual by nature. I don't know about my positive roles but I think positive roles are because of my positive nature (laughs). I do meditate but I am not religious by nature. I am more inclined on the spiritual side. I do believe that all the religions are same and I do read the Hanuman Challisa. But it's more about philosophy in life rather than rituals which I do not follow at all. That's why I love the Gita because it teaches us to live life in the right way.

Do you think that whatever is happening in serials can happen in real life, too?
It is actually when you get married then all other people related to your wife get related to you also. You must respect that. And here in our serial Aathwa Vachan, I do the same thing taking care of my sister in law who is mentally ill, though she is 18 years old; she behaves like 8 year old by nature.

Would you ever do something like that in your real life?
Yes, I would. Honestly, I think any decent person would probably do the same. It"s after the marriage that we have to think and act alike to be truly in the relationship. I have to support her for the good causes.

What goes wrong in the relationship then?
There is nothing wrong in the relationship. The family of the man objects the matter. I, as a husband, accept it going little against the family and it creates the rift in the family and thus leading the Aathwa Vachan to such tough extent for Aadesh (the character I am playing).

Don't you think it is difficult to be a perfectionist in television where there is little scope for challenging roles?
It has challenging roles especially for women. But I think I am fortunate to have been getting roles, which excite me and have given me enough space to act and show my talents. Otherwise, it is difficult to get good challenging roles for men in television.

Why aren't you doing any comedy shows now?
Good comedy shows are very rare these days. I guess the good days for comedy will be back once the audience wants it.

What about your dream to go behind the camera?
Yes, I still have the dream. I would like to do it as that is what I am inclined to. But I always do one thing at a time. When I will feel like I have had enough of acting then I would go for direction.

When will you feel that you are fed with enough of acting?
Actually I need to feed the director inside me because that side is still very hungry. But you can focus at one thing at a time otherwise you can't do justice to any of them.

Please tell us about the concept you work on.
It will be a total commercial one, I love action, relationship etc. It can be film or television show, I am not sure of it. But the only thing I know about is the directorial part that I'll do for sure.

What about films?
Again, it is like if something right comes my way I will do it.

What changes do you think should be brought in television to make it go international?
It's very simple that what the audience wants are what we aught to make. If the audience start accepting different kind of shows then it will be possible for us to attempt them. It's not that people have not taken initiatives but somehow the audiences have not accepted it and this is the problem. If people get fed up of saas bahu shows then different things will be possible but if they still watch it then we have no choice than to keep making similar shows. Basically, it all depends upon the audiences, if they are not watching then what should we do?

When the same audience love watching comedy films then why they don't accept comedy shows?
I don't know why people are not accepting comedies on television but I just hope that they start accepting it. I see India as a large market and not only the specific metro cities only and probably that people are not able to relate to whatever is being shown. It"s maybe because television is mostly watched by the housewives.

Any other projects you are working in...?
Nothing else.

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