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Kamal holds the key in Bigg Boss

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Kamal Rashid Khan
Monday mornings always seem to be here all too soon. Just when you are getting used to the weekend -Whoosh! -It"s already flown by and all too soon, it's Monday the dread day. But no matter how much we moan or groan, there is no escaping the M days… Even for the Bigg Boss housemates, as it"s the nomination day… All the housemates are now showing signs of anxiety to get the Bigg Boss title.

The Bigg Boss House is very unpredictable at this stage because as of now it seems as though Pravesh, Claudia Ciesla , Aditi Govitrikar and Bhakhtyar Irani are on one side while Poonam Dhillon and Vindu Dara Singh are on the other side, Kamal Rashid Khan is still playing neutral. Who is with whom is still the question?

On Friday, the housemates were given the task where they were to write the name of the person who according to them is the most jealous, selfish and manipulative. Everyone in the house is now in a fix and anxious to know who is the one with maximum votes or who has nominated whom. But Kamaal, knows how to take advantage of the situation and tries to brainwash Pravesh against his group…Pravesh gets quite disturbed and Pravesh switches his allies and joins Vindu and Poonam"s group...According to Pravesh, Bhakhtyar is taking advantage of the fight Pravesh had with Vindu earlier.

Its task time for the housemates…Bigg Boss assigns the sapling task –'Karo Zyaada ka Iraada", to the housemates where saplings are provided to each housemates and they have to take care of the sapling as their own baby, they even have to pour their heart out to the sapling provided till the task last. At the end of the task whichever sapling grows well will get additional points to their weekly budget. We will see the housemates taking this task seriously and devote their time and energies towards taking care of their saplings. They even name their saplings to increase the endearment and ease to their conversations.

The commencing of the nomination process brings all the housemates in the living area, which leads to a depressing environment in the house. As the day is about to dawn, Bigg Boss calls Kamaal in the confession room and assigns them their weekly task title 'Bigg Boss- Kamaal Khan". As per the task, Kamaal will now be playing the role of Bigg Boss and is given all the authorities till the end of this task. As for the housemates, they need to perform the tasks, which will be assigned to them by their new Bigg Boss– Kamaal. To fetch daily food allowances housemates" needs to perform tasks and in case of any problems, they can share it with the new Bigg Boss (Kamaal) at the table, which is been placed outside the confession room. Housemates are completely baffled by this, but at the same time they are excited and eager to be a part of their new task and to abide as per the will of their new Bigg Boss.

Post the task announcement the new Bigg Boss emphasizes his authority and sincerity towards the responsibility given by warning everyone to follow the rulebook or be ready to face his wrath. Later he announces a task to the housemates, which they need to perform for their next day lunch. Who will be nominated from the Bigg Boss House? What will happen next in the Bigg Boss House?

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