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Rakhi ditches Manmohan out of Swayamwar

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Rakhi Sawant and Manmohan Tiwari
Rakhi Sawant has finally ditched Manmohan Tiwari out of the show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar on NDTV Imagine, after visiting the families of Manmohan Tiwari, Kshitija Jain, Elesh Parujanwala and Manas Katyal. The show host Ram Kapoor asked her to illuminate one contestant from the show. Although audiences were expecting her to kick out Manmohan Tiwari, she created lot of curiosity by reserving her decision till the end of the episode.

The show host Ram Kapoor asked Rakhi about her experiences with all the four family. She explained that she wanted to get the love and affection of their families before getting their love. She said, "Manas' family was very excited to welcome me at their home. He was even more emotional. Kshitij"s family also treated me very well."

“Even video conference with Elesh"s family was quite interesting. I spoke to them in Gujarati. Elesh was very emotional and confident. He was the only guy, who held my hand in front of their family and said that he wanted to marry me," she added.

Rakhi said that all the three families have treated her equally well and it was very difficult and confusing for her to select her would be. She seemed very angry with Manmohan"s family. Although she did not want to talk about his family, Ram forced her to talk about it.

Rakhi said, “Manmohan left to his native one day earlier than me. He had gathered all his relatives and friends. He put up hoardings of welcome at the gate. His house was fully crowded. I could neither see his house properly nor talk to his family members. More over his family did not treat me well."

Manmohan argued her, "Like Rakhi, it was a surprising moment for me also. I neither made any arrangement nor invited any of my friends to my home. My friends had arranged everything to surprise me. They were treating me like a politician. I don't to know whom to thank. Rakhi or my friends? Anyway, I will thank Rakhi for getting me free publicity."

"Then go away with your free publicity for which you had come here," Rakhi burst out suddenly and said. "Ram, actually, I wanted to meet Manmohan's girlfriend Anjali to know about their affair. But he did not let me have this chance," she confessed. Manmohan turned violent and said, "We're here to talk about our marriage. Let us try to understand each other. Why are you pulling Anjali in our affair. In the past, you also had affairs. I never asked you about Abhishekh Awasti.

Ram intervened them and tried to soothe them. He drove their attention towards the opinions, which he had collected from the contestant, while they were walking out of the show. Most of the contestants had opined that Manmohan and Elesh were fit and Kshitij and Manas were unfit for Rakhi. Suddenly, the show took a new twist.

Rakhi was asked to give the sweet boxes to the contestants whom she liked for the further test. She turned emotional as well as confused. She said, "I don't want this marriage. I'm walking out of the Swayamwar." She stormed out of the show. For a while, there was lot of confusion on the show.

But Ram went out to her and tried to pacify her. He brought her back to the show. She gave away sweet boxes to Elesh and Kshitij. The third option was left between Manas and Manmohan. She again turned emotional. She was not willing to lose either of them. Finally, she gave the sweet box to Manas and discarded Manmohan. She did not see Manmohan's face. She was really sad for loosing him.

Ram said, "Manmohan, I'm really sorry to say that you are out of the show." He asked whether he would like to say anything to Rakhi at the final moment. He did not say anything instead he preferred to stay silent. Rakhi burst out in tears and said, "All these days, I have loved you and enjoyed with you. You don't want to say anything? Go away. Our relationship has ended here."

"Our relationship has not ended here. It starts from this moment. I really love you. I will always remember you," Manmohan said. Dramatically, Rakhi glowed with a smiling face in the end. She said, "Manmohan, I've rejected you not for any particular reason. But I don't want to cheat your girlfriend Anjali. Even I too love you very much."

However, Manmohan left the show with heavy heart.

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