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I Avoid Shouting - Pooja Pihal

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Pooja Pihal
The character essayed by Pooja Pihal a.k.a Shravani of 'Pavitra Rishta" is annoying people because of her shouting. Her unleash of anger on Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav (Sushant Rajput) in the show is earning her irritation of the audience. But the truth is that the actual Shravani, that is Pooja, is not what is portrayed in the show. In fact, she is exactly opposite to what she is in the show.

While into a conversation with Pooja she says, “I don"t like to yell and shout while I am angry. Most of the time when I get angry or I had a fight with someone, instead of shouting I keep quiet and control my anger. Actually I don"t talk with anyone at that time and continue with my work till I get totally settled with my anger".

This was all about your anger and shouting, but what about talking? “I don"t even talk much. The pages of dialogues which Shravani gets to deliver are actually too much for me. Sometimes there are almost 4–5 pages of dialogue which I have to mug up and deliver non-stop. But actually in real life I never talk much with anyone in such a big length. And fighting verbally is some thing not my cup of tea."

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