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Bigg Boss 5: Sky asks Sunny to find him a bride like her

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Sky aka Akashdeep Saigal, Siddharth Bhardwaj and Sunny Leone are seen hanging out near the bathroom area. Sky persuades Sunny to find him a bride just like her. He asks her if she has a single sister who is ready to mingle. Sunny tells him that she has a few single cousins who are also from Indian origin but they are a little picky about their guys.

Sky convinces Sunny that he would manage to be picked by her cousin and all she needs to do is help him out by getting to meet her. Sunny smiles and the three walk out of the bathroom area laughing. Pooja Mishra is also in the bathroom area during this conversation.

While walking out Siddharth requests Pooja Mishra to make breakfast for all the housemates. Pooja Mishra tells Siddharth she would make breakfast only after she will bathe. Siddharth immediately complains to the captain - Amar. Amar who is showering at the time instructs Pooja Mishra that she needs to make breakfast first and then go for a shower. A sulking Pooja Mishra agrees and walks out to make breakfast.

In sometime, Sky is seen in the captain"s room with Amar. He fakes an apology and starts bitching about Siddharth to him. Sky goes on about how childish Siddharth"s behaviour is turning out to be and his immaturity in dealing with girls is visibly very poor. They both express how Siddharth has been switching his sides towards the different groups in the house without realising the consequences.

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