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Bigg Boss 5: Sky plans to shift Mahek from Amar's team

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Sky has been strategising for long now to win the weekly task and thinks that if even one of Amar"s contestants becomes a part of his team then he can walk away with the luxury budget and have Amar nominated for this week"s eviction. With this thought, he goes to talk to Amar and tells him that Mahek is too difficult and to stubborn to handle and it will be good for Amar if he shifts Mahek from his team to Sky"s team. Once Sky leaves, Amar laughs it off and voices his opinion about Sky being nothing but an idiot.

Pooja Mishra has been trying to forget everything and in the bargain bond with everyone around. The next person who comes her way is Vida and so she sorts it out with Vida too and is seen bonding well with her after that. As she advances towards the washroom, she meets Mahek. Mahek tells Pooja Mishra that she hated the way Sky and Siddharth have been treating the women in the house and tells her that sky is indeed a very rude captain to which Pooja Mishra agrees and both hug each other.

Mahek and Pooja Mishra are seen bonding again in the night and talking about all that has gone wrong with Pooja Mishra in Bigg Boss house. Mahek supports Pooja Mishra and tells her that Sidharth was completely wrong in abusing her family.

As the day ends Pooja Mishra, Vida and Mahek are seen sitting and talking to each other. The trio are having fun and laughing over things and Pooja Mishra tells Vida that she would want to be the captain next week and that she wants Vida to support her.

Looks like the tables are turning in Bigg Boss house. Pooja Mishra was seen bonding with every second housemate throughout the day, whereas Mahek had some or the other plan running in her mind throughout.

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