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Veena Malik's Swayamvar coming next year?

Though 'Ratan Ka Rishta' is still on-air, the channel people (Imagine TV) have already decided for the next year's bride-to-be in the 'Swayamvar'. The big news here is that it is none other than the Pakistani actress Veena Malik.

Surprised? Well yes, reportedly, the channel people have already approached the present controversial queen Veena Malik for the next season of their 'Swayamvar'. The reports also suggest that Veena has already agreed to give a thought to the offer.

Veena is quite keen on getting married this year and Swayamvar can be the best place to look for a bride groom. This will even boost up the TRP of the channel, which has not earned sufficiently with 'Ratan Ka Rishta'.

Now, the only element that is missing is Ashmit Patel. Hope he takes part in the 'Swayamvar' and emerges out as a winner.

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