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Bigg Boss 6: Imam, Rajev meet their loved ones

The housemates wake up to the classic track - 'Mumbai se aaya mera dost'. Rajev is seen talking to Delnaaz and advices her to speak to Aashka so that she can clear the differences with Santosh. Delnaaz goes to the washroom and talks to Aashka, who in turn gets emotional and says that nobody in the house can be trusted. Aashka even points a finger at Delnaaz's diplomatic nature and how she doesn't stand up for her friends. Simultaneously, Santosh and Vishal are seen in the boys' room bitching about Aashka's fake behaviour. After sometime when Aashka passes by and Santosh tells the boys that Aashka looks like a 'chudail' with her hair all opened up, etc.

Sapna is called to the confession room and Bigg Boss asks her to choose two candidates for the coming week's captaincy. She chooses Delnaaz and Urvashi. She comes out of the confession room and informs both the candidates that they can start campaigning for the election. Later, Sana makes fun of Vishal for being on the stretcher and asks him what all he must be dying to do since there is restriction in his movements. Vishal laughs and explains that he is quite upset with the punishment. Meanwhile, Imam comes out of the washroom with a mop in his hand. Sapna snaps at him immediately and tells him to place the mop back in the washroom as that mop is reserved only for cleaning the washroom and nowhere else. Imam listens to the captain's instructions but goes inside and bitches about her stubborn attitude to the camera.

Bigg Boss 6

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