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Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddiqui arrested for stealing money

The day starts with a very apt song - "Chor sipahi". Early in the morning, Imam is upset with Niketan. Imam and Sana are seen in the kitchen area and Imam goes on about how Niketan is the rotten apple in the group that spoils the rest. Niketan, Sapna and Urvsahi exchange some facial expressions for which Imam gets offended. Imam feels that the housemates are bitching about him. He catches Delnaaz as she is the captain and tells her that he can hear the housemates plotting against him. Delnaaz tries to justify by saying that they were laughing at an internal joke but Imam remains stubborn. In sometime, Imam Siddiqui is seen with Niketan in the washroom. Imam fingers Niketan by passing demeaning comments and asking him to clean the toilet after using it. Niketan ignores him and walks off.

Imam gets agitated and starts calling him names. In sometime, Niketan goes into the captain's washroom before Imam wanted to. Imam follows Niketan out till the dining area and shouts at him for using the washroom before him. The rest of the housemates share a big laugh at this incident. Imam goes in and takes a long time to come out. Meanwhile, Karishma, Urvashi and a few others wanted to use the washroom urgently. The captain tried to get Imam out but he was taking his own sweet time. The housemates get annoyed and complain to Bigg Boss via camera. After Imam eventually comes out, the housemates react to Imam's nuisance.

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Bigg Boss 6

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