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Bigg Boss Season 6: October 17 Show Update - See Pictures


In Bigg Boss season 6, 10th day (October 17) Niketan Madhok and Kashif Qureshi are busy practising karate. Karishma calls everybody for the task. The task is to listen to one sentence and cook up a complete story about it. Karishma narrates a story about Raja and Rani, while Navjot Singh Sidhu is asked to tell a story on cricketer Kapil.

Bigg Boss praises Vrajesh for his good work and ask him who followed task best and who least. Vrajesh named Sampat Pal for best work. Bigg Boss allotted 200 extra points to Sampat Pal for her personal use. Rajeev Paul was the worst performer. What punishment he will get for least performing will be told in the next episode. Housemates were given 2,500 points as luxury budget to get things from Bigg Boss. Everyone discussed and made list of necessary items which consisted mainly of food.

Ashka and Urvashi find that coffee is hidden in the fridge between trays. Everyone in the morning were told by Niketan that there is no coffee left. Rajeev admitted that Niketan had hidden it.

Ashka Goradia was very hurt and begins to cry seeing Niketan laugh. All this apparently was a joke and many people including Najvot Singh Sidhu knew about it. Urvashi Dholakia too is hurt and unconsolable. Vrajesh (captain) says that it's wrong to hide things meant for common use. Niketan tells Karishma that Ashka cries for everything anyway.

Here are some exclusive pictures of the Bigg Boss 6 that you might enjoy looking at!

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