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Photos: Time to Beg Borrow Steal again!

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Friday is here again and its time for some begging borrowing and maybe even stealing! Yes, we are talking about the show Beg Borrow Steal Season 10 on the youth channel Bindass.

The show is hosted by Angira Dhar, who will set out to travel throughout Madhya Pradesh without any resources. She will have to backpack her way across 1000 kilometers with very minimal resources. The show shows us the exhilarating journey of this vivacious young lady, who attempts to survive the tasks given to her. In addition to the tasks and rewards of the challenges against the local competitors along the route, the 'Crew' adds new twists to each halt in Angira's journey from Bhopal to Orchha.

In the last episode Angira was stunned when she was blindfolded and asked to gather eggs in a basket to win against, Rooksar, the local competitor. Continuing from the previous episode both of them move to the next stage of the task. Now, they have to cross an obstacle carrying the eggs on a weighing scale without dropping them. The task turned out to be a cake walk for Angira and she emerged victorious. Post the successful completion of this task, Angira receives a sweet reward from the crew.

As she continues her journey towards Katni, she is asked to take a sudden halt at 'Hiran' dhaba. Yet again, Beg Borrow Steal doesn't fail to surprise Angira, as she has to perform a small task before proceeding. The task is based on the proverb 'You have to break an egg to make an omelet', where she has to run a food-stall attached to the dhaba. Not only does she have to make omelets, but also sell them and earn Rs 500. After numerous complications, Angira finishes the surprise task successfully. 

As Angira moves ahead toward Katni, she manages to get herself a free ride and a place to spend the night. The next morning the cameraman hands over a set of clothes and accessories to Angira for a new task. She puts them on and heads to the task location - Gol Bazaar, where she meets her competitor - Akhil Ranglani. This time the task is based on the kahavat - Jo Dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai.

What exactly is her task this time? Was this victory just a stroke of luck or will she not be up to snuff? Watch Beg Borrow Steal Season 10 tomorrow at 7 pm on Bindass!

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