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Bigg Boss 7: Angels Vs Demons; Demons Triumph Due To Shilpa And Kushal!

Bigg Boss 7 house had an eventful day with Hell and Heaven-mates fighting to save and replace their medals placed in Heaven. Gauhar Khan, being the captain, had tough time controlling the inmates. Among the devils from Hell, Shilpa Agnihotri turned out to be the strongest devil.

Bigg Boss came up with a task, where Hell-mates have to replace the Gold medals in Heaven with their black ones. The task was supervised by Gauhar. The task started out to be a confusion with Hell-mates trying to take the medal by force. Then they settled for Heaven-mates just protecting their medals with their body and if Hell-mates get to hold the medal with both their hands, it means they can replace it.

The task was not that simple either. With Hell-mates being the devils, they could torture the Heaven-mates, provided they don't touch them. Heaven-mates especially Asif had to face real torture with Andy shoving dirty socks and underwear in his face. They also poured shampoo and shaving cream on his head while he was guarding the medal. Tanisha too got some shaving cream in her hair.

In the end, however, the devils managed to replace all the medals and managed to win the task. As a result of which the Heaven-mates had to spend their time near the pool until the task ends.

The coming episode is going to see Gauhar fainting under pressure and Kushal jumping into Heaven to be at her side and stand up to her. Also, since only two of the Heaven-mates can be inside the house at any point, Elli Avram ends up having some greasy-roti issue, which will make her break into tears. Let's wait and watch, how things go in Bigg Boss 7.

Bigg Boss 7

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