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Bigg Boss 7 - Armaan-Kushal's Shocking Confessions To Salman; Parineeti-Siddharth On The Sets!


Bigg Boss 7 this Sunday saw Armaan Kohli and Kushal Tandon confess their feelings to their respective lady loves and Parineeti Chopra along with Siddharth Malhotra was there to promote their movie Haasi Toh Faasi on the last Weekend Ka Wow with Salman Khan.

Salman Khan who was his usual funny-witty self played a rapid fire round with all the contestants present in the house and made them answer some questions which were unexpected. He then grilled the two beautiful ladies of the house Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee who are now in the alone in the house after their so called love interests got evicted.

He then asked Tanisha that who according to her is the most intelligent person of this season and she replied with the name of Shilpa Agnihotri. Salman then asked Gauhar about her friendship with Tanisha and she said that they can't be friends here at Bigg Boss but will be friends once the show is over.

Parineeti Chopra and Siddharth Malhotra then came on the sets of Bigg Boss to promote their movie Haasi Toh Faasi. Salman asked them their favorite contestants and both were quick to take Sangram Singh and Vj Andy's name respectively. A usual task was given to the house mates to make Parineeti laugh and guess who came out as the winner? Who could it be other than the funny men in the house Andy and Ajaz Khan.

Latest evicted contestant Armaan Kohli was on the stage and he then shared his experience in the house, his desire to see the inmates specially Tanisha was fulfilled. He told the house mates how he missed them and expected the same from their side. And then there was something that caught the attention of everyone. Armaan confessed it in front of everyone that Tanisha took care of him like not even his family did. Emotional for a moment, Armaan was then asked to crown the hero of the house, which he very obviously gave it to Tanisha.

Kushal Tandon who was evicted in the mid-week was next on stage after Armaan left. Through Me TV Gauhar was happy seeing him and wished he could have been there too. Salman then added fuel to the fire when he discussed about Kushal getting lesser votes than Ajaz. Both of them got into a bitter conversation and later Kushal told it clearly to Ajaz that he and Gauhar both do not consider him as their friend.

This Weekend Ka Wow saw confessions, drama and arguments but also gave us the top 6 contestants of this season.

Bigg Boss 7

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