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Armaan-Tanisha's Love On Bigg Boss 7 Real Or Fake? Armaan Unsure!

The Bigg Boss 7 House did see a lot happening between Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee. But what remains unanswered was that all fake or real? Are Tanisha and Armaan actually in love or not. The answer stands a big NO! The reason being that Armaan in his latest interview sounded uncertain about his relationship status with Tanisha.

Armaan said, "Tanisha is a very dear friend who has stood by me and done a lot for me. But falling in love takes some time. It can't just happen in two months. But whatever happens, we will stay friends."

Has Armaan started believing in the thought 'Love is only chatter, Friends are all that matters'.

Armaan Kissing Tanisha

Armaan Kohli was caught kissing Tanisha in the Bigg Boss 7 house.


It was just not the Jannat that saw their romance, but even Jhannum saw it all.


Tanisha stood by Armaan all night when he was punished to be caged.

The Growing Closeness

Armaan without Tanisha or vice versa was something we could never see in the house.

Salman Khan

To give them hints of what they are doing, Salman even told them to control themselves as they were staying with 74 cameras inside.

Swimming Pool

Both spending time near the pool, did give us a remembrance of Payal and Rahul from the earlier seasons.

Things Changed

Armaan at one point of time started dominating Tanisha a lot which did lead to minor fights.

Tanisha Showed Her Level

Armaan went to an extent where he actually made Tanisha almost fall down, which shocked her.

Be Like Gauhar

Tanisha was once told by Armaan to be like Gauhar, who was a strong headed female.

Forced Hug

There were moments where it actually appeared that Tanisha forced herself towards Armaan without his consent.

Boycotted By Family

Rumours were spread that Tanisha's family is a bit miffed with it, whereas Armaan's father was seen supporting the duo.

Tanisha Or Just Someone Else

Once back after his caravan days, Armaan hugged Tanisha as if they were long lost lovers.

We Are Just Friends

A recent statement by Armaan shocked all when he said that he is not in love with Tanisha.

Armaan's Uncertainity

Armaan's uncertainty did make the viewers think that all these were done just for publicity!

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