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Bigg Boss 7: Elli Found Unfit To Lead Commandos; Kamya Takes Over But Gets Kidnapped!

Bigg Boss 7's latest commando task found Elli unfit to lead the troop and was replaced by Kamya. But Kamya was then kidnapped and held captive!

Monday nominations was followed by the luxury budget task which had the inmates turning into commandos and fighting to protect their territory, Mount Bigg Boss. Captain Elli Avram becomes the general and was asked to lead the commando to lead to victory.

The first three times they were attacked, they tried their best to stay protected under the orders of general Elli, but Bigg Boss found that few of the commandos were hit while Elli was hiding behind them. Bigg Boss asked Elli to step down from the commando's post and asked others to nominate another captain instead. Thus, Kamya became the general.

Kamya was found to be a better strategist and it was clear from the first attack that she was more apt for the role than Elli. But when Kamya entered the living area to get the batteries, she gets kidnapped by the enemies. She is then held captive and they demand for ransom, which include beds, stove and the shields. But the commandos would decide to negotiate and not give up that easily. They would give just four sleeping bags and end the negotiation.

The commandos then continue to protect their territory throughout the night without their general. But when she does return, the issue among the commandos is far complex than just giving up some beds and shields. The commandos are going to retaliate against the general the next day for pushing them a little too much. This includes Armaan and Kamya getting into verbal fight. Sofia giving it back to Ajaz Khan for misbehaving with her.

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