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Bigg Boss 7: Day 15 Vengeful Fights And Passionate Love Stories!

Bigg Boss 7: The fight between Kamya and Gauhar has intensified and some tear shedding and consoling was seen in the Bigg Boss house, whilst, the love story between Gauhar and Kushal intensifying with both becoming constant companions.

The whole issue started when Gauhar took her and Kushal's name when Bigg Boss asked her to give two names who performed well in the task and who deserved to go on the Heaven side. But Kamya differed on Gauhar's decision and voiced her disagreement in front of Salman Khan during Weekend Ka Wow Salman Ke Saath-7. She said that she is not happy with Gauhar's decision and said that it was Apoorva who deserved to go on the Heaven side.

Further, taking the fight to a next level, when Gauhar was making tea for everyone in the house, Kamya was seen telling Shilpa that she would prefer taking tea from her. Kamya's ignorance and indifferent attitude bothers her. After Gauhar comes to know about this, she couldn't control her tears and was seen crying in the bathroom. Kushal, Gauhar's constant support in the house, was seen consoling her and was trying to lighten her mood.

The day started on a very happy note for Andy as he was given his bag back and he was seen thanking Bigg Boss profusely. Later during the day, Andy was seen sitting with his best pals Sangram and Elli and was discussing his love life and his relationships with them.

Tutoring classes seems to be the new fad in the Bigg Boss house. After Andy's English classes for Sangram, Asif was seen teaching Tanisha to speak in Bengali and they were also seen bonding with each other. During the latter half of the day, Tanisha, Armaan, Shilpa and Anita was seen talking about Armaan while Armaan nicknamed Sangram as ‘double dholki'. We also see some water works in the house when Gauahar starts crying after Kamya's remark that she will not accept tea from her while Kushal was seen consoling her.

Gauahar and Kushal's love story was the hot topic of discussion between Armaan, Pratyusha and Tanisha, where they disclosed how uncomfortable it becomes for the other housemates in their presence.

The day progressed to nominations, where this time Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give the names of 2 people that they want to save rather than eliminate. And this time both- heaven and hell-mates were asked to give the names. Since Bigg Boss is synonymous to ‘Bigg' twists and turns, Bigg Boss announced that those contestants who got the least number of votes will be nominated for next week's evictions.

The day ended on a very musical note, where Ratan and Andy were seen singing ‘ajeeb dastan hai yeh' and dancing on the song. The housemates were seen talking and discussing about who voted for whom and how many votes which contestants must have got.

It'll be interesting to see how far Kamya and Gauhar will take their fight. 

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