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Bigg Boss 7: Jahannum Wasis Win The Money War; Enjoy Food After 2 Days!

Bigg Boss season 7, day 24 has Hell-mates and Heaven-mates fighting amongst each other to become the richest amongst themselves. Hell-mates, after starving themselves for two days are declared winners in the task and as a trophy are given an opportunity to buy food and few other necessities they want, but the day does not end without someone getting hurt.

After the aamdani athanni, kharcha rupaiya task that the housemates have been assigned, all they could think was about is 'apna sapna money money'. Suiting best to the situation inside the house, the day starts with the song 'Kyun Paisa Paisa Karti Hain' leaving everybody in splits.

Taking lessons from the previous day, Jannat wasis indulge in some planning and plotting to make money and win the task. They decide to make breakfast for the Jahannum wasis that won't be filling enough and they would ultimately demand for more food during the day. Taking advantage of this opportunity, they would charge them a hefty amount and get some money on to their side.

Post this discussion, Andy takes a proposal for the hell-mates and tries to strike a deal for breakfast with 200 notes per plate. Jahannum wasis do not agree to this and they point blank refuse to eat breakfast. Kamya and Gauhar Khan get into a spat wherein Gauhar laughs at the Jahannum wasis as their safe is not getting locked.

On the first day of the task, Bigg Boss had asked the Jannat wasis to keep the money they have in a safe that was placed in the living room. But failing to do so, Bigg Boss reduces the amount that the Hell-mates are supposed to give to the Heaven-mates from 500 to 150 notes. Also, they provide them with all the things that they had demanded on the first day of the task. The only condition is they had to buy it from the Heaven-mates.

Later in the day, gauging that Jahannum wasis were winning the task,  Jannatwasis get together to lure Jahannum wasis to buy food and other stuff from them. They try different tactics to sell their products to Jahannum wasis by performing a skit, dancing and singing. Following this, they are able to sell very few things to them. This continues for the rest of the day as they are determined to get some amount on their side. Further, Bigg Boss calls Armaan Kohli in the confession room and asks him if he has been able to achieve his secret task of giving Bigg Boss 100 notes successfully. Armaan excels it by giving more than the expected amount.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces the closure of the task and Jahannum wasis are declared to be the winners. As a token of appreciation, Bigg Boss gives them an opportunity to buy food and few other necessary things from the money that they have minted all this while. They are seen hogging pani-puri and chat as they have been hungry for two days.

As the day comes to an end, Andy is seen urging the Jahannum wasis to have a proper meal considering this food won't be sufficient for them. Armaan gets irritated with Andy and asks him to stop asking his teammates for food. Andy gets upset with Armaan and disapproves of his comments. Armaan takes this personally and starts abusing Andy. Kamya tries to intervene and control the situation, while Tanisha Mukherjee, on the other hand, tries to calm Armaan down and tells him they are in his support. Money seems to have taken control over everybody's mind inside the house.

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