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Bigg Boss 7's Sangram Solves Mystery Box, Becomes The First Finalist!


Bigg Boss 7 was in a chaotic situation when the mystery box arrived. But, finally its solved! Sangram Singh took the initiative to open it and what he got was a surprise to all. Sangram got the ticket directly to enter the finale and become the very first finalist of this season.

Early in the morning, the mystery box arrived at the Bigg Boss house and it was a shock to all the contestants because Bigg Boss had kept it a secret that what the mystery box contains. Ajaz Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee were the ones who had a positive regard to it, while VJ Andy and Gauhar Khan thought that it would be something risky.

The whole day was given to them to decide a name whom they think deserves the mystery box. There were discussions and voting held where Gauhar and Andy both voted for Sangram, while Ajaz had no clue what to do. Tanisha got into an argument with Andy, who taunted her saying that she never takes a stand.

Tanisha, who was hurt by Andy's statement, was seen spending the whole time with Ajaz. After a lot of discussion and aftermath, Sangram and Ajaz both decided to take the box. But, at the last moment, Ajaz backed out and there it was! As soon as Sangram opened the briefcase he couldn't control his excitement and shouted it aloud what the ticket said 'First Finalist Of Bigg Boss 7'.

On one hand where Sangram was over whelmed, there were contestants who regretted on not opening the box and taking it.

Bigg Boss 7

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